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General Background

Geonautics Manufacturing, Inc. (GMI) is a small engineering-oriented company specializing in development and production of reinforced plastic composites for technical applications. Plant equipment consists of complete machine shop facilities, 10 molding presses (varying from 50 to 500 ton capacity), curing ovens up to 12' x 15' x 7' (with curing temperatures up to 400F), filament winding equipment (both tubular and spherical) and vacuum bag molding equipment.
The manufacturing facility is 30,000 square feet with personnel consisting of machinists, technicians, quality control and engineers. Since 1963, GMI has been involved in a number of development projects in a variety of technical areas, including:

  • Development and production of rocket nozzles for Sidewinder 9M-9L, Chaparral, Sparrow, Sea-Sparrow, AMRAAM, and Hellfire Missiles projects.
  • Design, development and fabrication of navigational buoys for the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Development and production of large ground-based radomes for both military and commercial applications.
  • Development of the PASGT Ballistic Helmets for the U.S. Army.

In addition to these projects, we have also been involved in custom moldings, such as leading wing tips for fighter aircraft and other specialized moldings.

GMI is proud of the reputation developed over the past years with some of the most technically demanding companies in America. GMI's technical people are always ready to listen, discuss and suggest alternative solutions to demanding problems. Our approach to our customers is one of cooperation, partnership and teamwork because we know it is our customers that make GMI possible.

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