Since 1963, our capabilities have been utilized by the military and aerospace industries to produce components requiring exacting specifications. It is now under direction of the second generation and is being carefully positioned to maintain its presence in the military and aerospace marketplace, while expanding its presence in the commercial arena.

As military and aerospace needs are identified, GMI steps up to help with the solutions. During the last 42 years, GMI has found their range of products increasing to cover a number of related disciplines. The levels of design, manufacture and product quality are constantly upgraded. Products designed and manufactured at GMI have been fielded over the years for use on land, air, sea, and underwater platforms throughout the world. GMI is one of a very few composites manufacturers with both the equipment and long-term expertise required to manufacture rocket nozzles for the aerospace market. GMI has been located in Newburyport, Massachusetts for the last 40 of its 42 year existence.


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