Over the years, GMI. has worked with and developed long term relationships with some of the most technically demanding customers in evidence. A partial list of our customers follows:

Thiokol Corp.
Northrop Grumman Aerospace
Atlantic Research Corp.
Hughes Aerospace
Department of Defense
Mitsubishi Corp.
Rockwell International
Anderson Power
Norton, Inc.
Allied Signal (Ballistic Div.)
Hercules Corp.
Alliant Techsystems
Ford Aerospace
Harris Corp.
U.S. Army, Navy, Airforce
Raufoss Corp.
Martin Marietta Corp.
Raytheon Corp.
Ainsley Corp
Bendix (Brake Division)

Geonautics Manufacturing, Inc. is proud of the reputation developed over the past years with some of the most technically demanding companies in America. We are also proud of our record of success in the license and transfer of our technology and know-how to major European and Japanese manufacturers. GMI's technical people are always ready to listen, discuss and suggest alternative solutions to demanding problems. Our approach to our customers is one of cooperation, partnership and teamwork, because we know it is our customers that make Geonautics Manufacturing, Inc. possible.


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