Geonautics Manufacturing, Inc. is constantly experimenting with new materials. This development effort has led to new designs and patterns in ballistic helmets and structures, cost reductions for existing components, and development of higher strength, lighter weight material to replace obsolete designs.

GMI's tool and die makers are expert in translating our designers' detail drawings into first quality compression molds. This capability is important for making rapid and permanent mold repairs when necessary. Also, our machine shop personnel are experts in machining components on computerized equipment.

During and after the manufacturing process, our staff of quality control technicians constantly monitor dimensions, assuring tolerances are within established specifications. Each component is tested to verify proper part density and, if specified, radiographic inspection is performed to verify the internal integrity of the part. In addition, GMI will also supply written certifications and documentation to guarantee that each specification of the customer's component has been met or exceeded.


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